Welcome, Harvard-Radcliffe Class of 1987!

THANK YOU to all who joined us on campus for our 30th Reunion on Thursday October 12 - Sunday October 15, 2017!!!   What a wonderful time we had! 


For anyone who missed it or wants to follow up on what we did, view the reunion schedule and see who registered to attend.

Many classmates have asked for info about who participated the events in our panel programs. Here's the details - feel free to follow up with presenters by finding their contact information in the Reunion Red Book, finding them on social media, or searching their contact info online through Crimson Key:

  • Glimpses:  Joe Menn, Cynthia Pan, Howard Lapsley, Robin Boss, Evan Goldberg, Julia Holland, Mary Berle, Marc Agronin, Jim Kincaid
  • Live Class survey:  many thanks to Susanna Kim Bracke and Andy Popell for their fantastic work preparing and presenting our 30th Reunion Class Survey (for those who missed it or want to relive it, check out the slides —unfortunately, the Jeopardy and Family Feud antics will live on only in our memories).
  • Finding Veritas: Peter Sagal, Jess Bravin, Janet Echelman, Jane Fogg, Phil Mote, Karen Avery and Ben Nye (read about the panel participants.)
  • The Immigrant Experience at Harvard: Roya Behnia
  • The News: Let's Talk: Sonya Laurence Green, Catherine Herridge, Joe Menn, Amy Dockser Marcus, Jess Bravin, moderated by David Hilzenrath
  • LGBTQ at Harvard, Then and Now: Rich Mintz, Malia Lewis
  • Our Aging Parents: Flora Hoffman (nee Houn), Kim Little, Marc Agronin, Matt Stasior
  • 'Who You Calling a Sell-Out?" Art, Commerce and the Little Matter of Making a Living: Nick Davis, Peter Sagal, Karen Bergreen, John Burnham Schwartz
  • Face-to-Facebook: Ellen Jovin and a cast of many in open discussion
  • Life-Changing Pivots and Reinventions: Mari Kuraishi, Celia Francis, Jennifer Schwartz, Nozipo Maraire, Rosie Rios
  • The Museum All Around: Art & Design in Public Space: Barbara Bestor, Ariella Budick, Janet Echelman, Betty Chen, moderated by Justin Davidson 
  • The Mortification of My Ambition:  open discussion

Participants and attendees, if the above information is incorrect or missing anyone, please contact Christina Blau or Patty Toland to let us know and we'll correct it.


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